3 Things Brides Regret About Their Reception

Do brides really regret certain parts of their big day? Sure they do! This is the first and only time most people ever plan an event of this magnitude. Some mistakes are bound to pop up, but here are some of the most common and easily avoidable mistakes. This way you can run through your sparklers at the end of the evening saying “Wow! What an amazing day!”

Post Ceremony Photos Took FOREVER!
Guests are more likely to get antsy and possibly even leave if you make them wait too long before getting fed or opening the bar. I recommend having photos take no longer than an hour. What seems to be becoming more and more popular this day in age is a “first look.” That’s where you and your future hubby see each other for the first time prior to the ceremony. Giving you ample time have the majority of your couples and wedding party shots done pre-ceremony. That way after you have said “I Do,” have desired family photos, and just a few more couple shots, BOOM! You’re done! Time to eat and get the real party started!

I Was Too Busy Mingling With Guests To Enjoy My Reception
I think this is the biggest regret for most brides. I hate to say, but if you want to really enjoy your reception get your rear on the dance floor! If there are certain people that traveled a long way and you want to make sure to speak to them, put them at a certain table and be sure to visit those tables. If you are out on the dance floor, your guests will follow suit and do the same. As long as your guests get to see you, even if it is while you are schooling everyone on how to do the Wobble, they’ll be happy if you are.

I Didn’t Even Get To Eat The Food…
Honestly, this happened to me at my sisters wedding and it was awful! All of her guests kept bragging about how amazing the food was, the chicken in a tomato cream sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and roast beef…It sounds fantastic right? I know! Actually I don’t know! I got maybe five bites of food in before reluctantly being pulled away for more photos. When I sat back down it was cold and highly disappointing. Always make time for your food! Even if you have to have the DJ make a simple announcement that you will make your rounds after the meal. Especially if you paid for it, you at least want to enjoy it like everyone else. I know for a fact the food was the most talked about part of my sisters wedding. I will forever miss not being able to eat it. But really? How beautiful was she?! Just look at her!

Now that you know what not to do and probably wish you knew all of this before your wedding, what do you regret most about your reception?
Let me know in the comments!
What you regretted might be some advice I can give future brides on how to make sure they love every minute of their special day!

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