“You Smiled And Then The Spell Was Cast”

 Heather, you made for one absolutely beautiful bride! You wanted to soak in every moment of your wedding day and be ever present in every aspect. I found it quite funny when the golf cart came to pick you up to take you down to the trees you happily declined and chose to walk instead. Despite being in your dress and mushy wet grass under your feet, you walked arm in arm with your dad down to the pecan trees with nothing but the happiest grin on your face.

Even during the ceremony Heather was all smiles. The way she would look at Tony, you could just fell the love radiating off of these two. Without a doubt, everyone that witnessed this lovely couple come together in holy matrimony could just feel how much love they have for one another, myself included. See for yourself how they interacted. If that’s not true love, then I don’t know what is.

That love and rustic feel carried inside to their reception. Their decorations were very simple and elegant. Candles lit the tables to give a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a neutral ivory linen. Their guest book was lined with burlap and lace and the initials on their head table had the same burlap look to it. Everything was beautiful, from the bride and her dress to the cake and towers of cupcakes.

We absolutely loved having your wedding here with us Heather and Tony. We hope life blesses you with an abundance of love and happiness always.

“You smiled, you smiled,

Oh and then the spell was cast

And here we are in heaven

For you are mine… At Last”

-Etta James

Caterer: Brickhouse
Florist: Lisa Blackwelder
Photographer: Ali Rose Photography

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