“You’re My World, My Heart, My Soul”

Timothy and Nicole got married with us at A Place in the Vineyard on September 27th, 2015. They had a beautiful ceremony up on the covered patio due to inclement weather. However, despite the weather everyone was all smiles and so excited to see this sweet couple tie the knot. Who knew that a simple trip to Lowes would lead to these two spending the rest of their lives together!

Even though they had to have their ceremony on the patio, Becky Clark from Designed Memories Florist did all the decorations, making it just as beautiful up there as it would have been at the gazebo. Weren’t they just gorgeous? I love columns and large flower displays. It makes for such a pretty focal point and the fabric being draped just frames the couple as they exchange their “I Do’s.”

Inside the reception hall, one of the members of their family works with balloons. This is the first time we have had that. And I must say I loved it! It instantly made the reception area have such a fun feel to it. Nicole also pulled in a lot of fall colors like orange, red, yellow and white. She used the centerpieces that we provide and spiced it up with autumn leaves to bring that fall feel inside.

The two of you were so sweet and full of happiness and love. It was wonderful getting to work with you, your family, and friends on this special day. Timothy and Nicole you make us love what we do. Weddings are such an intimate and happy time that we are blessed to be able to share it with amazing people like you. Thank you for choosing us as your wedding venue. We hope you will be happy always.


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