Is a Seating Chart REALLY Necessary?

YES! The end.

In all seriousness a seating chart is always a good idea. Yes it’s a bit of a pain, but totally and completely worth it in the end. I mean, to be perfectly honest, guests need to be told what to do! We have had many occasions where a seating chart is not provided and people will just wander around the reception hall like lost puppies quietly whispering to each other “What am I supposed to do? Where do we sit?”

If it is left up to your guests they will choose not to sit next to certain people leaving gaps at tables. When you are mixing families, not everyone is as good at making new friends as they were in kindergarten. They are going to want to stay within their comfort zone and sit beside people within their own family or ones they know. That will leave you with skipped seats and nowhere for others to sit. Your beautiful reception hall will wind up looking like a movie theater where everyone leaves one space in between each couple. You don’t want that. Having every seat filled makes the room look more occupied. Now I’m not saying that you need to split up families, unless you are having a designated kids table, let the children sit with their parents, but blending families is not a bad thing either. They are all there for two reasons, to celebrate your marriage and to join two families into one.

It is completely up to you how you want to arrange your seating chart, whether it be having them separated by which side they came from or just alphabetizing them. Be sure to check back for some of the most popular seating chart arrangements and some cool DIY charts.

Seating Chart

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