Fun Table Naming Systems

This is especially fun when you are having a themed wedding, however, you can incorporate anything into your table names to make things more interesting.
If you want your guests to know a little more about the two of you as a couple, have your table names tell your story. Seeing as how the two of you have probably been together for many years now, I can guarantee that all your guests aren’t going to know all the shenanigans you have been up to since you’ve been together or all the things that you have in common. Although one thing I can guarantee is that everyone loves to hear a good story, and no one said it had to start with “Once upon a time…”

Places you have visited together– whether it be cities, countries, states, or islands. Name your tables after all the places you have been or pick the most near and dear to your heart.

Photograph Timeline– the year you and your fiancé were born, when you first started dating, the proposal, accompany it with a photo of when you were little and when he popped the question and a short story as to how it happened. Your friends and family will love being able to reminisce with you and see your relationship progress through the photos.


Song Titles/Lyrics– everyone has a favorite song or two that you have loved ever since the day you heard it. It could be songs that you hear and think of each other, your favorite love songs, or today’s popular hits.


Famous Authors– this is my favorite, of course! My nerd side is showing! I would have the authors name and a quote from my most loved piece of their work.


Favorite Book or Series– umm Harry Potter! Where my themed wedding came from! You could name it by the book itself, a place in the book, or like I’m doing, the houses from Harry Potter.


Plants or Spices– my cousin actually did this for her wedding. Her centerpieces were different tree names and she had small versions of the trees on the table. My sister actually got to take one of them home and plant it. However, if you were naming a table after a plant or spice I would recommend incorporating it into your centerpiece somehow or it might be a little confusing as to why they are sitting at the “Rosemary” table.


There are a whole slew of ideas on how to make naming your tables more fun than just 1,2,3… These are just a few ideas that I have either seen at our venue over the years or thought would be cute and inexpensive ways to pull your personalities into your most special day.

In the comments tell me about your fun table naming system!

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