The Hudson’s

Jennifer and Daniel, I couldn’t be more happy for the two of you. You are both so sweet and were wonderful to work with.

After first meeting at a friend’s birthday party and 5 years of dating he finally proposed! Jennifer came home from an awful day of work to see Daniel on one knee proposing to spend his life with her. What a great pick me up after a bad day. I would say that could make even the worst day better. They got married with us at A Place in the Vineyard on May 7, 2016.

They chose purple and red for their wedding since those are the favorite colors of the bride and groom. Their decorations were simple and cute. I absolutely loved their guest book! It was a tree and their guests signed the leaves. It was a perfect match for them.

However, I can’t leave out my favorite part of the wedding… Daniel Cried! When he first saw his bride coming down the isle he teared up and tried to brush it off, but I saw it. I also happened to catch a couple photos of it. See for yourself how beautiful she was.

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