Vintage Perfection

Madison and Ethan are so cute together! Their love and excitement just filled the room and radiated off of them like a warm spring day. First you need to know a little about how they met. When my mother told me, I literally melted inside. Complete mush. Nothing but goo. They were taking a particular class together at Western Carolina University and Madison happened to be sitting a few seats ahead of Ethan. As Ethan was sitting there literally staring at the back of her head he thought that her hair was just absolutely gorgeous. Which it is. She has some of the prettiest red hair I’ve ever seen. However, Ethan thought it was so pretty that he had to talk to her, which he did, and the rest is history. They said their “I do’s” with us on April 30th, 2016. Now if that isn’t a true love story I honestly don’t know what is. For someone to look at you like that and instantly know you are their person before even talking to you. Just finding an irresistible feature on someone that you know you can’t live without. It’s beautiful.

What’s just as beautiful is how he proposed. They were on top of a mountain with this amazing view and he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him right before she was graduating. Well…you can’t beat that graduation present.

The colors of their wedding were charcoal and blush. They wanted more of a vintage theme since Madison loved the look of it all. I can’t blame her. When I first saw all her decorations I was in love too. The old clocks, bottles, lanterns, and crates. Vintage is also a style I hope never goes away. It’s old. It’s classic. It’s forever. Just like their love for each other.

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Florist: Midwood Florist Shop
Dress Designer: Jasmine
Caterer: Peace -n- Hominy
Cake: Polka Dot Bakery

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