Fall and Sunflowers

Courtney and Sam first met when Sam came into the convenient store that Courtney worked to buy a red bull. It was one of those love at first sight moments!

They had been dating for a while when Sam decided to pop the questions. She had it all planned out, puppies included. Sam used the dogs a bait to lure Courtney into the garage where she had it all lit up with lights and “will you marry me?” on a chalkboard. Immediately Courtney said no as a joke, and then said yes right after. They had already been legally married at the court house but with a very small crowd. A few months later they wanted to have an actual wedding to include all of their friends and family.

They had their vow renewing at the barn. They rented the drapes and chandelier from us but then brought in the stumps, mason jars and sunflowers to line the aisle.

Inside they had more wooden blocks in the center of the tables with the candles that we offer. They went for a very fall and rustic theme. Even Courtney’s dress was very vintage, gorgeous, and perfect for her personality. They did all of the flowers and decorations themselves. Also, one of their relatives raises honeybees and brought in little vials of honey for wedding favors.

Photographer: C. Stewart Photography


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