Metallic & Emerald

Spenser and Tim met in the most unusual way. Tim had rented a house from a family friend whose name is Raymond. When Tim moved out of the rental house he realized he had left some of his stuff there and Spenser (who he had never met) had already started moving into the rental house. He started taking his stuff to his truck and Spenser just happened to drive by and see this strange man moving things into his truck outside the house she was renting. She pulled in and gave him the “what for.” He left thinking she was pretty intense and scary. Later the family friend Raymond said they should meet up because they would like each other…they did! Someone was playing matchmaker!

       Tim proposed by

reliving their first date. They went to Applebees and he even wore the same outfit. They drove back to the rental house where they first met (asking the current tenant if she minded that they stopped by). However, nothing ever goes exactly as planned. The lady that was renting the house didn’t quite understand what was going on and what she was supposed to do so she stood on the patio with them right when the proposal was talking place. Like literally in their faces! Then Raymond pulled up and blurted “Have you done it yet?” Luckily they both thought it was funny and imperfectly perfect- just like them.

This perfect couple got married with us on December 3rd, 2016. They wanted to pull in wintery colors without going overboard with a Christmasy theme. She chose a lot of metallics with hints of Emerald.

Caterer: Buttercup Cafe

Decorations: DIY

Dress: Venus Bridal

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