Coral & Navy

Sheritta and Willie met one another while they were both young through Willie’s brother.

This is one of the sweetest proposals I’ve heard in a while! Willie asked Sheritta to marry him on Thanksgiving. He had Sheritta’s children play a special song for her and he started telling them how much he loved their mother. Then he got on one knee! *Squeals* What an amazing blending of two families.

For the wedding they chose Coral and Navy, simply because they both really like those colors! There doesn’t have to be any specific reason or background for your color choices. It can simply be a color you like and he likes.

Their ceremony took place at the Gazebo on June 16, 2017. I couldn’t get over how gorgeous they made it look by draping some fabric and having it swag in the middle of each opening. The flowers were my favorite though. She hired Candor Flower Shop to drape flowers down the pillars where the two were going to stand and share their nuptials.

Photographer: Trust & Believe Photography
Florist: Candor Flower Shop
Cake: Sugarshack Bakery

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