Plum, Lavender, & Sage

Funny story on how these two met. 8 years prior to them dating, Jessica was actually dating one of Levi’s best friends at the time. Needless to say the previous relationship didn’t work out. But these two were made for each other!

Levi proposed while they were at a Flogging Molly concert. He was wanting it to be a little more romantic, instead he had an audience. He just proposed to her in the parking lot in front of Jessica’s best friend and the rest is history.

They got married with us on May 25th, 2017 at A Place in the Vineyard. Since they were going with a lot of earth tones, they chose to have their ceremony at the pecan trees. This was certainly an amazing Celtic wedding for the books. The guys even wore kilts and drank out of drinking horns!

They had their ceremony art the pecan trees for a more natural feel to go along with their earthy color choices.


Cake: Family Friend
Caterer: Family Friend
DJ: Split Second Sound
Florist: Family Friend
Photographer: Ron Photography

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