Bayberry & Yellow

Sara and Scott got married with us on August 26, 2017. But before we get into too much detail about the wedding, let’s start with how they met.

In college dorms are not what they used to be back when my parents were in school… boys in one hall and girls in another or boys upstairs and girls downstairs. Now they are just scattered all across the same floors. Well that just happens to be how these two love birds met. They were neighbors while they were in school and later in the year Sara became an RA which stands for Resident Advisor. She looks after the whole floor and answers any questions the residents might have, as well as keeping everyone in line (no wild parties on her watch!). Not only was Sara a full time student and an RA, but she also had a job outside of school and helped Scott get a job at her work. Seeing someone all the time, even if it is at work certainly helps love bloom quicker.

Scott’s proposal was super cute! Luckily everything played out in his favor. He proposed at his graduation party. It was all a surprise with some of their closest friends hidden around the house. Not just a couple people…more like 50! It’s a good thing Sara said yes! Otherwise that could have been a very bad and awkward situation. But, nothing like having a celebratory shindig right after he pops the question to commemorate two big milestones in his life, graduating college and gaining a future wife!

They chose to have their ceremony at the gazebo with 100 of their closest friends and family. Sara didn’t feel the need to decorate the gazebo other than with good ol’ mother nature. However, she did have a flower girl that dropped petals on the walkway. Now I absolutely loved the bride’s bouquet. It was simply gorgeous with its huge sunflowers and delicate white roses. There were also little sprigs of baby’s breath in there too. It fit Sara’s bright and bubbly personality to a tee and I absolutely love the photo that Center of Attention took with the bouquet in front of her face. I just think it’s too cute!

Inside on the tables she had very simple, rustic decorations. She used an empty wine bottle as a vase for her flowers on top of wooden slabs. Sara wanted to have all of the dancing at the front of the venue closest to the patio so everything felt a little more separated (dinner and dancing). They even choreographed their first dance.

Now this part is going to sound kind of crazy. If you noticed the date that they got married that would put their honeymoon right around the time of Hurricane Irma. This sweet couple got caught in the middle of it while they were honeymooning in the Dominican Republic. Like they had to be huddled in a bathroom surrounded by pillows as the wind sailed through and tore things up. They even made it on the news because no one was able to get in contact with them family wise until the news cast reached out to them. However, everyone was safe and sound. Despite the weather, they still had a great time and made it home without a scratch.

Photographer: Center of Attention
DJ: Lambert’s DJ
Caterer: Family Catering
Cake: Sassy Cakes

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