Burgundy and Navy

Have you ever met a couple and thought, “Wow, God really had a hand in this perfect pairing”? Well that’s exactly what flew through my mind as I was giving Amanda and Adron their venue tour. The way they laughed together, looked at each other and were always kind to one another. Just being around a couple like Amanda and Adron will make you happy. When they decided to have their reception with us, we were thrilled to get to know them better and celebrate with their families!

Their wedding ceremony took place at Calvary Lutheran Church in Concord, North Carolina. From there, everyone made the trek to Stanly County for a gorgeous vineyard reception. September is one of the very best months for an event at the vineyard because everything is in full bloom and the vines are ripe with tasty, aromatic grapes!

As the guests enjoyed appetizers provided by PB&J’s Catering of Concord and tunes from disc jockey Martin Holshouser, the bridal party took photos throughout the vineyard. The groomsmen were all in navy tuxedos with crisp white shirts and checkered blue and gray neck ties. Brown shoes, brown belts and soft white rose boutonnieres tied the whole look together and might I add that they were all very dashing! The bridesmaids were in burgundy, floor length lace gowns and were absolutely stunning. Their bouquets were filled with soft colors of pink, white and sage.

Of course we can’t forget about the stars of the show! Our handsome groom was dressed the same as his groomsmen but rather than a white rose, he had a very ripe, deep red rose boutonniere. His lovely bride was in an a –line gown with a beautiful sequin belt and illusion sweetheart neckline. Her dainty, feminine figure was simply perfect for the gown! To match his dark red rose boutonniere, her bouquet looked just like the bridesmaids but with the addition of burgundy flowers. What a cute way to tie the two together even further!

As their reception continued it came time for the bouquet and garter toss. Even though we see these wedding traditions every single weekend they are always a little different and each one has its own unique spin. The music abruptly changed from the traditional sweet wedding music to a sexy and sultry jam… perfect for the garter removal! Adron had everyone cracking up as he danced around his bride, pulling off his neck tie, wrapping it laughingly around her neck. He was trying so hard to embarrass her and make her blush! I believe it worked!

When the evening started to come to a close, the guests made their way outside for a sparkler exit. We waited and waited and they still weren’t coming out. I peeped inside to see what was holding them up. What I saw was absolutely priceless – the bride and groom dancing sweetly by themselves in the middle of the vast, open dance floor. Only the occasional flash of the photographer’s camera lit the room. This was such a touching time for the newlyweds as they decompressed, even if only for a moment, before running through blazing sparklers on their way to forever.

Congratulations Adron and Amanda! We know that you are in for a very happily ever after.


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