Pretty as a Peacock

People always say it’s never a good idea to get into relationships with coworkers that it never works out. Then if it doesn’t someone will have to leave the company, transfer, or things will just become super awkward. Well… Amanda and John wanted to prove that statement wrong and they did just that! These two first met while working together for the Charlotte Police Department. They were working in what you would call a more “dangerous” area, one that has a little more crime than most. Only 15 people were assigned to that unit, so ultimately they all became very close with one another. Not just because they had to quickly learn to trust one another due to their line of work, but when you see the same exact 15 people every single day you can’t help but start enjoying their company. Maybe one particular person’s a little more than the rest (cough cough) John. When Amanda first started working with John she instantly fell in love with his personality and sense of humor. John on the other hand thought Amanda was the most gorgeous woman he had ever met. Who knew that a workplace romance would lead to their first date, on Halloween to a ballgame, a 2-year relationship, then the most romantic proposal!

John had everything planned out. He had planned a proposal at the Biltmore estate with the help of Amanda’s parents. They were running late and Amanda was getting angry because she thought they had a scheduled tour of the facility and grounds. She didn’t want to be late and started stomping toward the entrance. John ran in front of her to stop her from going any further, dropped to one knee and proposed right there! That’s when everything clicked for Amanda that there was no guided tour, but something much better.

Amanda has always loved the idea of getting married outside at a barn or some rustic location. Who knew that it would lead her straight to us at A Place in the Vineyard? They got married with us on November 11, 2017 exactly 1 year after the engagement. Fall is definitely one of the most popular times of the year for us, I mean once you see her pictures you will understand why. They chose the barn location for the ceremony and rented our drapes and antique chandelier to tie in more of that rustic feel. Now you might be wondering why all of her bridesmaids are in different colored dresses ranging from teal to purple, to green. Well, peacocks happen to be one of Amanda’s favorite animals and the colors that make them up are simply stunning. She wanted to pull in a little of her personality and a lot of her favorites into the most special day of her life. Her large bouquet of different colored flowers matched her girl’s dresses and the wreaths that hung on the barn walls. Petals Florist did an amazing job with all the floral arrangements.

After saying his and her “I Do’s” everyone moved inside for the reception. As you walked inside from the covered patio their sign in book was anything but traditional. It was way more fun! They had a canvas with a peacock painted on it. Everyone was to dip a finger in paint and add it to the lines that would then make up the feathers. What a unique way to display your guests that came rather then just having them sign their name in a book that’s more than likely going to get lost someplace in your house. In the opposite corner of the room was their cake. Of course it had to go along with the peacock theme that was radiating throughout the whole wedding. The three-tiered white cake had fondant “feathers” creeping up it matching the colors scheme.

Amanda and John, you had a gorgeous wedding day and have an even more amazing future ahead. Thank you for all you do and for your service in the police force. We can’t wait to hear all about your trip to Europe this year!

Cake: Icing on the Edge
Caterer: Maki Taco (Food Truck)
DJ: AAA Entertainment
Photographer: Stories by Sloan
Florist: Petals Florist

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