Purple & Silver

Fun, funky and fantastic. Those are the three words that I would use to not only describe Amanda and Jacob but their amazing wedding as well. Don’t hear me wrong… funky is a good thing. Funky is quirky. Quirky shows immense personality. Personality is what makes you, well, you. It’s never good to try and hide it… especially at your wedding. Too many times I see beautiful weddings that are just… flat. Gorgeous decor but no personality. This couple did such an amazing job of incorporating themselves into the entire day. From the decor to the outfits to the garter toss, it all reflected this fun loving, special couple and provided a great window for their friends and family to look into their lives and their love for each other.

Sometimes fate steps in and brings two people together like a Hallmark movie. Let’s explore the plot: The two knew each other but had never dated. They were both trying to get over difficult relationship splits. They bump into one another at the Cleveland County Fair. Instant love story. It’s sure to be a hit. And it was 🙂 5 years later these two tie the knot!

Their ceremony took place on the back side of our property by the pecan trees and the weather simply couldn’t have been better! Sunny skies all around. As Amanda crested the hill everyone stood for her entrance and a wave of excitement, love and anticipation flooded over her soon to be husband. It’s moments like these that we will never forget. For those who could not attend, a lovely montage of memorial pins were placed at the entrance to the ceremony site. Simple touches such as these remind us that even though some loved ones have moved on, they are still with us in spirit and wouldn’t miss an event such as this for the world.

The reception was totally fun-filled and where many of the couple’s personality touches really had a chance to shine. Jacob had a custom tailored suit jacket that from the outside appeared very normal but on the inside was lined with family photos, creating a sort of collage. There was a gorgeous hand drawn portrait of the couple that many would guess was professionally done… but no! This amazing piece was hand crafted by the groom! Talk about talent! Jacob is a bit of a big kid and so his love for Pokemon took center stage during the garter toss and also played a silent role in the ceremony as all the groomsmen wore Pokemon socks! And the best one of all… Jacob’s family has some Native American lineage and he loves to pay tribute to that part of his family. He wears chunky tooth necklaces and on special occasions he even pulls out a big bear headpiece! Check out the picture taken from the Photo Booth!

There were so many unique parts that separated this wedding from others. I just loved being a part of Amanda and Jacob’s special day and wish them tons of happiness, love and laughter as they share this journey called life.

Cake: Heart Filled Creations
Caterer: Kyle Fletchers BBQ
DJ: Virtual Sounds
Photographer: Emby Taylor
Photo Booth: Virtual Sounds

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