Navy, Gold, and Blush

“Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel.” –Unknown

In this case love can travel 3,551 miles. That is approximately the distance from North Carolina and Ireland. That may not seem like a very large distance to some, but when it is two people in love, that is a very long way away. However, Christina and Alan didn’t let that stop them in the least! These two first met online and their personalities were a perfect match. They both liked the same things and had the same sense of humor; it’s only natural to form a bond with someone who shares the same interests.

Needless to say these two were in it to win it. They never let the distance keep them apart. They talked all the time and let me tell you, Skype is a wonderful thing when someone is what feels like a million miles away. When they first decided to actually meet Christina drove all the way to Canada in order to see Alan. It was his birthday and he had a work visa to be in Canada for a time. She seized the opportunity and drove 1,899 miles to see him. When she arrived she was beyond stressed out. I mean who wouldn’t be driving that far. It had been an incredibly long day and there are some crazy drivers out there. When he saw her he simply gave her a hug and said everything was going to be all right. At that moment she knew it was going to be forever and distance would not be an issue in their future.

After 5 and a half years of dating marriage was brought up so Christina started looking for venues. After she came to one of our bridal shows Alan proposed, so she knew having her wedding at the vineyard was meant to be. Now Christina is incredibly artsy and a huge Harry Potter fan (I mean who doesn’t love the boy who lived)? I have never seen so many beautifully hand crafted wands in all my life. My inner nerd was screaming at this wedding and praying that there would be one left over that I could keep…there was :D. Anyway, Christina wanted her wedding to be perfect and also a touch of whimsical from her love of Harry Potter and the idea that love is magical. Her centerpieces were simple and elegant. All the tables were adorned in navy with chopped wood, a lantern, and a vase filled with cherry blossoms. The navy, blush pink, and gold theme is very popular for fall weddings. The colors are timeless and look beautiful in the rustic reception hall. The cake was absolutely amazing! She had a small “naked cake” for herself and Alan, and then the rest were different flavored cupcakes like chocolate and red wine cherry! Literally mouthwatering. Now my absolute favorite thing I will never forget from this wedding was the send off. Most people do sparklers, bubbles, glow sticks, etc. NOT THIS ONE! All the wands I mentioned earlier that were hand made by Christina and a bunch of her friends, well they made the most epic and wizardly exit I have ever seen. Dumbledore would have been proud!

Caterer: Sonny’s BBQ
DJ: Crackerjack Sound
Photographer: Brandywine Photography
Florist: Sam’s

One thought on “Navy, Gold, and Blush

  1. We traveled from Ireland to celebrate Alan and Christina very special day. The venue was stunning and Christina’s attention to detail made it a wedding we will remember.

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