Royal Blue, Yellow and Grey

There aren’t many guys out there that enjoy doing laundry, so if you find one that does, marry him.

That’s not exactly why Melissa married Robert, but it does have a little something to do with how they met. They lived in the same apartment complex and if you don’t know anything about apartment life…it sucks. Just kidding. But you have to share everything. Typically each building shares one laundry mat and these two unsuspecting lovebirds happened to share the same one. Melissa lived a couple floors above Rob and he saw her come down the stairs with her basket of laundry. If you don’t believe in love at first sight, well you have never met these two. Rob wanted to talk to Melissa so badly that he literally threw a pile of clean clothes into a basket and rushed down into the laundry room just to meet her. If that’s not the sweetest thing ever, then I don’t know what is. That’s what I like to call a lot of effort to get someone attention and it worked! Because 3 years later Melissa got a new accessory that would compliment every outfit she owns.

Robert had been planning the perfect proposal for about three months. He wanted as many of Melissa’s family members as possible to be able to witness the happy event. He had taken Melissa to Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. It’s this gorgeous place with all kinds of botanical gardens, walking trails, sculptures, and even a zoo. So members of Melissa’s family were hiding all over the place near where he was going to propose. After she said yes, all of them popped out to give their congratulations and hugs. Robert was of course over the moon excited, but didn’t forget to tell us that it was the most stressful day of his life! He was trying to plan all of it without her being aware that she was getting engaged. I understand how he wasn’t able to sleep at all the night before.

These two lovebirds got married with us at A Place in the Vineyard on September 23, 2017. Which just happens to be the anniversary of the day they met! They chose to have their ceremony at the Pecan Trees to go along with her rustic country theme. Their colors were royal blue, yellow and grey. All of the guys were in light grey tuxes with light blue undershirts and royal blue ties. Since it was warm outside they weren’t wearing jackets, just their vests. I absolutely loved the little touch of having the grooms initials embroidered on the cuff of his shirt. Little details like that mean so much. Now the bride was in a form fitting heavily laced gown with a sweetheart neckline and flared bottom. She had a blue ribbon tied around her waits to match the men’s ties. Her bouquet and the floral arrangements were a mixture between sunflowers, deep blue flowers and daisies along with a few sprigs of greenery.

Caterer: Jim & Nicks
DJ: Crackerjack Sound Decisions
Photographer: Natalee Susan Photography
Florist: Designed Memories Florist
Cake: Carolina Pie Co.

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