Wine Red and Navy

College, where there are upwards of 13,000 people and you happen to meet the person you are going to spend forever with. Wow. What are the odds that these two particular people would go to the same college, not know one another while in school, but then meet up after graduating! Lauren and Brian both went to Florida Gulf Coast University and never knew the other existed, Brian had even moved to North Carolina. So you are probably wondering how these two even met…well, Brian was back in Florida visiting some family and decided to go to a popular college hangout, a line dancing bar called Dixie Roadhouse. Lauren happened to be there dancing her heart out and Brian couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Five years later Brian is taking Lauren on a winery tour where he hired a photographer that was unknown to the future bride. Said photographer tagged along on the tour and when the mood and scenery were right he popped the question. “Conveniently” there was a photographer there to capture it all! Smart thinking Brian!

With the proposal happening at a winery, what better way to carry on that memory than getting married at a vineyard? Lauren and Brian tied the knot with us on October 28, 2017 at A Place in the Vineyard. They chose the gazebo for their ceremony and I must say I loved their decorations. All of her floral arrangements had a ton of greenery and pops of deep burgundy to match the bridesmaid’s dresses. In the center of the gazebo, she draped fabric to frame them and the minister in. Then hung bulky floral pieces as tiebacks for the fabric. That is literally one of my favorite ways to decorate the gazebo. Not only does it make for gorgeous photos, but also the focal aspect of it is just perfect. Bloom Haven Designs did a fantastic job with all the indoor and outdoor flowers.

Inside the reception hall Lauren went with a navy and wine red color scheme. All the dining tables had cream to the floor and navy overlays while the sweetheart table was cream with a burgundy overlay. For her centerpieces she used the cork and candle hurricane that we offer and dressed it up with a floral wreath. There was a mixture of blush pinks, reds, creams, and the same greenery that was also in the bride and bridesmaid’s bouquets. Other tables were adorned with a photo of the bride and grooms engagement shoot and wooden boxes with more of the same flowers. Some of my favorite photos of the wedding by Outgoing Portraits were the ring shots. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve always loved jewelry and bling, so seeing what photographers can do to highlight the outward symbols of love always catch my interest. For one of them they took scrabble pieces and spelled out “I Do” another had the rings on one of our corks, which happen to have our brand one it. It’s a really neat way to never forget where the wine came from at the wedding reception and just goes along with the vineyard-wedding theme.

What theme are you looking for, for your wedding? While you think about that, take a look at some of my favorite photos from the Justice wedding!

Caterer: Family Catering
DJ: Triple A Entertainment
Photographer: Outgoing Portraits
Florist: Bloom Haven Floral Designs
Cake: Sassy Cakes Bakery


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