7 Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Venue

7 Mistakes

Choosing a wedding venue is very important since it will set the tone for the entire day. It will be one of the most important decisions you make… other than who you’re marrying of course! As a wedding venue and having worked with brides for many years, these are the top seven mistakes we see many of them make. Keep reading so you can be ahead of the game and learn from their mistakes!

Mistake #1

Not checking the price before touring the venue.

If you have a budget amount in mind for a venue, make sure that you get an estimate before touring. There is no need to waste your time (or the venue’s time!) when it simply isn’t feasible, because it’s never smart to exceed your budget early in the planning process. Random expenses can (and will) pop up later on and it’s better to be under budget.

Mistake #2

Expecting more guests than the venue can accommodate.

A firm count is not required to look at venues, but one question that the venue will ask is the size of your wedding. If the venue can only comfortably accommodate 100 guests and you are expecting 200, it’s better to just continue searching for that perfect venue that fits all your needs. Nobody wants to fall in love with a venue and then have to cut their guest list in half!

Mistake #3

The venue doesn’t match your style or theme.

The more that it matches the style you want, the less decorating you will have to do. So many venues are incredibly plain and to make them really pop you will have to splurge on custom lighting, specialty linens and other really expensive extras.

Mistake #4

You get roped into a venue that requires specific vendors.

When you no longer have a say in the professionals who help tie your wedding together, expenses can skyrocket very quickly. The venue price may be exceptionally reasonable but when you start adding on their required caterer, florist, DJ and bakery you could easily be looking at a budget that is no longer comfortable. You may also sacrifice quality since you can not hand pick professionals that you have grown to know and trust.

Mistake #5

Guest parking is not good.

Everyone in attendance knows and loves that this is your special day. That’s why they are all there supporting you… but please take care of your guests! A great way to guarantee their happiness upon arrival is to ensure that ample parking is available (Free Parking is definitely favorable!). No one likes to walk unnecessary distances in high heels!

Mistake #6

The venue has no rain plan.

Everyone always wants the picturesque sunny wedding day with a light and refreshing breeze, but the reality is that Mother Nature doesn’t always provide that. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony please, please make sure that your location has a rain plan. You also want to make sure that it is a rain plan that makes sense and wouldn’t put a tremendous kink in the flow or look of your day.

Mistake #7

You don’t get a good vibe from the people who run the venue.

Are you comfortable with them? Do they listen well and respond to your questions directly and in a timely manner? Do they inspire trust and confidence? Are they warm and enthusiastic? If you do not feel an instant connection with the people that would be working with you throughout the planning process, you won’t feel it on the day of your wedding either.

So, do your research when searching for the perfect venue and don’t make these common mistakes. Ask questions. Ask more questions! Because when you find the perfect place, all the rest of those wedding day details will fall right into place. Happy Hunting!

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