Perfect Engagement Ring in 4 Easy Steps

Engagement Ring Shopping

Selecting the perfect engagement ring can be both stressful and confusing. It’s a huge statement piece for your bride-to-be and will be her most important and most cherished jewelry piece forever.

Some girls are pretty laid back when it comes to jewelry and would ultimately be happy with anything you bought for them. Others would be devastated if the engagement ring didn’t match their personality or the dream they’ve always had in their mind. But, fear not! Follow my handy dandy, step by step instructions and you’ll for sure pick the perfect engagement ring!

engagement ring a place in the vineyard wedding

1) Create a budget.

Not to say that this is the most important part but it’s really high up there. Price does not always negate quality because you can really get a beautiful ring without breaking the bank, but there’s no need to look at $10,000 engagement rings when your budget is $2,000. It will just be upsetting and put a bad taste in your mouth for the whole experience.

Priceless tip #1: don’t put off an engagement for fear of not being able to afford her ideal engagement ring. Buy her the best you can afford at the time because it doesn’t mean she can’t upgrade to a better one later down the road. What woman wouldn’t love her ideal ring on her 5th wedding anniversary?!?

engagement ring a place in the vineyard wedding

2) Find out her ring size.

So many guys bring their girls into the jewelry shop and ask to get their finger sized. No, no, no. I don’t care what she says, she likes surprises. She craves surprises. Snag a ring of hers that she wears every now and then and take it in (alone!) to have it sized. Make sure it’s a ring she doesn’t wear everyday so she doesn’t miss it in her jewelry box.

Priceless tip #2: don’t take her into the jewelry store for her to show you the rings she likes. Again… surprise. Take the time to really think about your girl. What kind of jewelry does she like? Light and delicate? Bold and bulky? Blingy? Natural? Worst case scenario, ask her best girlfriend. Just make sure she knows to keep it hush hush. No spilling the beans.

engagement ring a place in the vineyard wedding

3) Choose the shape of the diamond.

This refers to the actual shape the diamond is cut into. Let’s look at some options:

engagement ring a place in the vineyard wedding

Priceless tip #3: The shape of the diamond can help you determine the metal for the band. For example, a round or princess cut diamond will go really well with white gold or platinum because silver looking rings are most popular right now and so are those diamond cuts. If, however, you choose a more daring cut like a pear or marquise, a gold band may really accentuate it and help with the vintage look. It all depends on what your honey likes though!

engagement ring a place in the vineyard wedding

4) The 4 C’s.

This is the one we’ve all had nailed into our heads but few really understand. I’ve simplified it for you.


wait, didn’t we just cover that one? No and I’m sorry it’s confusing. I didn’t come up with it. The cut actually refers to the way the diamond is cut to make it sparkle when light hits it. All the angles and proportions are important in making the diamond brilliant. Many will say “princess cut” which isn’t incorrect but it is confusing when it’s really referring to the physical shape.


this one is easier. Diamonds are clear, right? Yea, mostly, but they do vary. Diamonds are graded on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (yellow tones). This one is truly a matter of personal opinion. Most women tend to want a diamond that appears more “white” but don’t let this one worry you too much.


this refers to how many imperfections are in the diamond. When the jeweler starts discussing the clarity of the diamond, he will probably mention the diamond’s “inclusions.” Inclusions are other minerals or tiny fractures in the diamond. The fewer the better and the higher their price. These are also graded on a scale with SI1 and SI2 being the best clarity. Anything above that will have imperfections that are noticeable with the naked eye.


this is the actual weight of a diamond. For some reason this “C” carries a lot of “weight”. This is the one that girls ask each other about. “Ooh how many carats is that?” The heavier the stone the more you’re going to pay but don’t get caught up in this one. The proper diamond shape can make a smaller diamond look larger.

Priceless tip #4: The most important of all the C’s is CUT because if the diamond doesn’t have the proper angles and proportions, it won’t glisten and shine like it should. As much as a woman may think that carat is most important, if her diamond doesn’t sparkle… she will feel like she got a dud.

engagement ring a place in the vineyard wedding

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