Wedding Bouquet – 9 Favorites

Ah, The Wedding Bouquet

Such a seemingly simple and small piece of the big picture but this one piece really helps to unify the decor and prepare you for what lies ahead in the reception hall. With so many different styles, arrangements, colors and flowers to choose from… how does one ever decide?

I’m not here to give you some structured list for “how to choose your wedding bouquet”. No, I’m just here to show you some of my all time favorites and hopefully one will spark your imagination and lead you on the proper path to picking out your ideal bouquet.

wedding bouquet a place in the vineyard wedding

1) Bohemian

This wedding bouquet stands out to me because it is different. It is absolutely scattered with various types of flowers, some wild and some more traditional! The bohemian look of this bouquet is so fun and interesting. I find myself staring at it over and over again.

wedding bouquet a place in the vineyard wedding

2) Natural

Look at how natural this wedding bouquet appears. It looks as though these flowers were plucked from the garden and plopped into a vase for a beautiful spring decoration. Of course there was much more thought to it than that, but it just looks full and natural, almost whimsical. It’s a show stopper for sure!

wedding bouquet a place in the vineyard wedding

3) Winter

If this wedding bouquet doesn’t scream “winter wedding” I don’t know what does. Not that this wouldn’t be appropriate for any other time of the year. It certainly would. The whole “spring colors for spring weddings” thing doesn’t exist anymore. You do you boo boo. Just make sure to consider this bouquet because holy wow.

wedding bouquet a place in the vineyard wedding

4) Uneven

Tightly woven bouquets really aren’t my thing… if you haven’t noticed. I love for them to have flow and movement. The uneven, here and there feeling of this wedding bouquet is just beautiful to me. It gives it more of a hand picked feel.

wedding bouquet a place in the vineyard wedding

5) Rounded

Ok, after that last picture I realized I had a problem. I was shunning the lovely, tightly knit, super rounded bouquets. They are beautiful too! I love this one because of it’s minimalism. Ivory and blush. Done.

wedding bouquet a place in the vineyard wedding

6) Airy

Alright, back to my favorites. Look how light and airy this feels. And yea, there’s a succulent in there. Looks like some wild greenery and then a more structured center with beautiful shades of pink flowers.

wedding bouquet a place in the vineyard wedding

7) Different

Honestly, this wedding bouquet has me stumped. I just don’t know what to say about it other than “I love it”. When someone asks you to describe why you love something, you don’t always have to know, right? You just do. So there.

wedding bouquet a place in the vineyard wedding

8) Flowing

Personally, I am a huge sucker for flowing floral arrangements. Lots of people like them to be more tight and restricted but I just love it when they are allowed to billow. The flowing sprigs of greenery give it movement and life.

wedding bouquet a place in the vineyard wedding

9) Nautical

To me, this wedding bouquet would be a great one to have at the beach (although this one was used here at our vineyard wedding venue). The ribbon looks very nautical with it’s navy and white stripe and the soft greenery in the bouquet looks like seaweed or coral! Very playful and fun for sure.

Alright, there you have it. Those are some of my favorite bouquets that I’ve seen at our venue, A Place in the Vineyard. Many would think that I would see a lot of the same colors and styles being a “vineyard wedding venue” but I see styles of every color, shape and size and I LOVE IT.

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