Appalachian State and a Love Story

Meeting your soulmate in college is a very normal story. We really hear it a lot. I mean, that’s how my husband and I met. Oh, and it was the same school too… Appalachian State.

To say that I’m partial to this school is an understatement. Honestly, I’ve never met anyone who graduated from Appalachian that didn’t absolutely adore it. Now there are plenty that go there for a semester and transfer out. The cold and the snow are pretty intense. It can be hard to get used to, especially if you’re more of a warm weather person.

invitations to Hannah and Chas wedding
welcome to the wedding of hannah and chas
Hannah and her bridesmaids in floral robes

I find it interesting how couples meet. It can really be what looks like an act of God. You know, the kind of story where the two people never would have met but somehow fate steps in. Yea that’s how this amazing couple met.

Let me Introduce Hannah & Chas

Hannah and Chas in the vineyard

I love this couple! Really I do. They are super cute together and the energy surrounding them is amazingly contagious. I’m sure that energy had something to do with how they met and were drawn to each other.

Hannah started her college career at UNC Charlotte and liked it pretty well. It was close enough to home that she could drive to see her family without any issue at all and it’s rated as a really great university… but it didn’t have the major that she decided on. Apparel Design and Merchandising.

Who had that degree? Appalachian.

Hannah and Chas in the vineyard

Appalachian State is a fantastic school located in Boone, North Carolina, one of the cutest towns in the whole state. It’s the perfect school for anyone who loves camping, hiking, skiing or snowboarding or just generally being outside. Chas is super sporty and loves the outdoors. What a coincidence.

Hannah and Chas in the vineyard

The two lovers meet (through a mutual friend believe it or not!). Hannah was initially attracted to how athletic he was. As soon as they started talking, she realized he was much more than a cute, sporty guy. He was actually a good guy!

Hannah and Chas in the vineyard

Years passed and Chas was ready to propose. What better place to propose than at one of their favorite vineyards where they had had one of their very first dates? This wasn’t a spur of the moment, “oh today’s the day” kind of proposal. This was well thought out because he had invited a lot of their family members to join in surprise once she said yes. She had no idea it was coming and really had no idea that her family was there to join in the celebration afterwards.

Hannah and Chas in the vineyard

With a beautiful, sparkly engagement ring… it was time to plan a wedding!

Perfect Engagement Ring Guide, Here!

The Wedding Ceremony

Typically couples choose to have both their wedding and reception with us because it’s super convenient. Hannah had other plans for the ceremony that had special meaning to her and her family. When Chas proposed, she knew without a doubt that she was going to get married at Kendall’s Baptist Church… just like her parents… and her grandparents!

wedding ceremony at Kendall's Baptist Church

So many young adults want to do absolutely everything different than their families to prove that they are individuals! This nod to her family is incredibly sweet and I know it meant a lot to each and every one of them. And oh my gosh! It definitely doesn’t hurt that the church is simply gorgeous! Who wouldn’t want a ceremony there?

wedding ceremony at Kendall's Baptist Church

The Reception

Once the ceremony wrapped up, everyone made their way to their cars and started the drive to our venue, A Place in the Vineyard.

The ballroom was simply stunning that evening. Blush pink linens adorned all the dining tables and the dining chairs, covered in white spandex chair covers, added a clean and refreshing feel to the space. The floral arrangements stole the show… until Hannah came in of course!

floral centerpiece in the wedding venue
the first dance at A Place in the Vineyard
cutting the wedding cake at A Place in the Vineyard

Hear me out. All brides are beautiful on their wedding day. Each and every one of them. But Hannah… was stunning. If a wedding dress was ever made for anyone, this one was made for her. I can’t imagine anyone wearing it better.

the back of the wedding gown
sultry shot of the bride in her wedding gown
the bride and her gown

And no bride is complete without her band of bridesmaids. Dressed in deep grey, floor length dresses, Hannah’s bridesmaids looked so beautiful next to her with their vintage bouquets. So many times, people wind up choosing different dresses because one type does not look good on every person. Not the case with this ruffled chiffon halter dress! It looked great on them all!

the bridesmaids and their bouquets
the bridesmaids in grey floor length gowns

Don’t worry Chas I didn’t forget about you… even though you should know that the star of a wedding is always the bride and her bridesmaids! Chas and his groomsmen looked ultra dapper in their sleek, black tuxedos with white collared shirts. Their jackets had silk, peak lapels that added a real touch of class to their tuxes.

The groom standing outside the church
All the groomsmen
The groom adjusting his pocket square

My Take Away

My very favorite part of the reception was when the DJ played the Appalachian fight song and they brought out a huge Appalachian flag. I was jumping and singing along ecstatically behind the bar! Nothing brings back good memories like a good ol’ Appalachian fight song.

Appalachian Fight Song
Sparkler exit wearing Just Married Denim Jackets at A Place in the Vineyard

I’m so glad to have met these two and been able to share in their special day! The love and excitement that filled the reception hall that day was almost tangible and I adored every second of it… just like they did!

sparkler exit at A Place in the Vineyard

Director: Candace Primm @ Erin Padgett Events

Dress Designer: Martina Liana

Florist: Designed Memories

Caterer: Family Catering

DJ: Chris Lambert

Cake: Icing on the Edge

Stationery: Sweetest Beginnings

Photographer: Connection Photography

Photo Booth: Shutter Hutch

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