Vineyard Wedding Ideas to Steal!

So you’re planning a vineyard wedding, huh? That’s awesome! You are absolutely going to love everything about it. The allure of a vineyard is unlike anything else. The beach can’t touch it and neither can the mountains. It’s in a world all it’s own.

Whether you have chosen a California vineyard, a North Carolina vineyard, somewhere in between or overseas, congrats on making a great choice!

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Now for the fun part… styling it! From the gown to the color palette to the food and decor. Many brides stress about all these “details” but this is the fun part! All of these details come together to give your wedding pizazz and style.

Whether you choose to really embrace the “vineyard theme” or not is totally up to you… BUT it would be silly to not incorporate some of the flagship items like corks, bottles and barrels! Take a look at some of my all-time favorite ideas that are easy to incorporate into your design and will make a really big impact!


Corks are super easy to come by! Any bottle of wine you drink, hang onto the cork! What? You don’t drink enough wine to accumulate all the corks you need? Shame on you! Just kidding. Don’t overdo it! Grab your friends and family and have them start saving their for you as well. Also, since you are getting married at a winery, they should be able to hold used corks for you as well. Believe me, they accumulate FAST and they rarely have a use for them.

Escort Cards

There are many different ways to style and orient these, so whatever you choose will be great! Cut the cork, add flowers or succulents, round or square, it’s up to you! This is the perfect little DIY project for a vineyard wedding.

Guest Book

The normal guest book is SO outdated. Everybody has something different now. What better way to tie into your vineyard wedding than with guests signing corks and placing them into some kind of keepsake?

Big Cork Letters

These are incredibly easy to make and are super versatile. Make the letters “BAR” and put them with the bartenders. Create a big “Mr” and “Mrs” because these would be super cute in your home after the big day! Craft the first letter of your last name and have them hung on the doors to the venue.

Table Numbers

These can look awfully similar to the escort cards or big letters above if you design them that way or they can completely different! I just love how all of these cork projects are easily DIY. Having your hand in some of the decor is really fun and rewarding!


Corks can easily be brought into your centerpieces to help solidify the vineyard wedding look. Simply adding them to a vase that is then filled with flowers makes for a nice change. They can also be nested between a candle and a vase or actually made into the vase!


The great thing about this is that if you are already saving corks, you’re already going to have the bottles too! Just makes sense to use them! Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate them into your vineyard wedding!

Guest Book

Use a wine or champagne bottle AS your guest book! Just get gel pens that will write on glass and make a little sign so guests know what to do! Makes for a great bottle to hold onto forever or open on a special anniversary.


Although wine bottles may not be incredibly varied in how they are used as centerpieces, they are always welcomed and always beautiful. Used singly, they are very simple but grouped together they can make quite the statement! For even more fun, consider painting the bottles!

Custom Labels

These are incredibly fun and can be used in many ways! For my sisters Harry Potter wedding, I created custom labels naming each wine after a wizard potion! When guests came to the bar they ordered “Amortentia” instead of “White Zinfandel”! They can also be used as table numbers or just as beautiful decorations and keepsakes.

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Yard Games

I absolutely love this idea of making a ring toss game out of old wine bottles. You can paint them to match your color scheme or leave them natural. Just pair with some plastic rings and voila. A great way to keep guests occupied while you take pictures!


I am not going to lie to you… unless the vineyard you are getting married at has these for you to use (even if they have a fee associated with them!), they are not only very hard to come by but very expensive as well. Used barrels around here tend to sell for about $300-$400. If you can get your hands on them, definitely incorporate them because they really make a vineyard wedding.

Cake Table

Wine barrels make the most beautiful stands for a cake. You can use one barrel and display your cake directly on top or you can take two (or more) barrels, along with a plank of wood or an old door, and make a table top!

Ceremony Decor

Wine barrels adorning either side of the ceremony aisles is absolutely lovely whether you top it with flowers or refreshments. They also make great “tables” for the guest book (should you choose to do a more traditional one).

Bistro Tables

Wine barrels are a little shorter than a traditional bistro table but are still a great option to consider rather than the traditional ones you see everywhere. These are perfect for mingling because guests really just need somewhere to lay their drink.

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