Perfect Wedding – At Least Aim For It

romance in the vineyard

Brittney & Brooks’ wedding at A Place in the Vineyard was so close to perfect it’s pretty crazy! One thing I make sure to point out to all brides and grooms as they plan their wedding is that it won’t be perfect. This is a hard concept to swallow because everyone dreams of the perfect wedding day when reality is… there simply is no such thing. You can get CLOSE, but tiny little things will go wrong along the way, maybe even day-of… and that’s OK! The perfect wedding is one where the bride and groom hop in their getaway car smiling, laughing, maybe even shedding tears and guests wave them away with excitement, love and support.

dad and daughter walking the aisle

As these two love birds planned their close-to perfect wedding, they made a lot of really smart decisions. Let’s look into some of the choices they made (so you can copy them!).

emotion as she walks the aisle

They hired a coordinator!

For many this may seem like a no brainer but it really isn’t. Tons of people think this is a waste of money or that the money could be better put to use somewhere else. Let me tell you straight up – no – it’s crazy important. Not only will your coordinator pull stress off of you, she also coordinates with all your vendors to make sure everything is cohesive. Whether you choose to hire them for the duration of planning or only day-of is totally up to you. Whatever you do, just don’t skimp on this… it’s so important if you’re aiming for that perfect wedding day!

mom helping with the bridal gown
bridesmaids in the dressing suite

They hired reputable wedding professionals!

This goes for your venue, your caterer, your DJ and everyone in between! Now hear me out. In no way am I saying to go hire the most expensive people out there. If you have a huge budget and you want tip-top service, beef wellington and every bell and whistle imaginable, by all means go for it! If that’s just not in the budget, please know that you can get amazing professional service from vendors of all price ranges! Do your research! Ask your venue or other pros you’ve hired for advice and recommendations! Find reviews of anyone you’re looking to hire and really nitpick them. This is YOUR day and you’re shooting for as close to perfect as possible.

in between the barns
formal bridal photo

They didn’t blow their budget!

Think about it, you go to the mall and have a great time with your friends but you spend way more than you should have on the season’s hottest outfits. All those purchases haunt you on your near maxed out credit card. Poor financial choices like this can sour your entire memory of the day. The same goes for your wedding day. Set a budget and stick to it! Whether that budget is $8,000 or $30,000, work with it and make it your perfect wedding day within your means! It can be done!

Considering making a budget not just for your wedding but for your everyday life? I recommend it. Although not easy, it’s totally worth it. Try Dave Ramsey’s Financial Freedom program.

twirling on the dance floor
barn chandelier

They were cool, calm and collected!

This one is a bit more difficult. Not everyone is wired to be this way, but you can take little steps each day to become less of a worry wart. Trust me, I’m a natural worrier and it takes everything inside of me to fight it, but I’m slowly winning. This really goes back and reiterates all of the other mentioned tips to planning the perfect wedding day. Because they hired a coordinator, booked professionals and didn’t destroy their wallet, they can rest easy. Let these wedding pros do their jobs! It’s what you paid them to do after all!

under the veil bride and groom
field photo with a tree

They didn’t look at too many inspirations!

What I’m referring to is when you decide on a bouquet style and composition that you’re really happy with but you keep looking at other bouquet ideas on Pinterest! Girls, this is dangerous stuff because it’s so easy to do! Find something you love and stick with it! You need a solid and cohesive look for your big day but the more you start changing, tweaking and editing things, you may wind up with something much more jumbled than imagined. Something else you could run into are additional charges! If your florist has already ordered pieces for your floral arrangements and then you change things… she isn’t just going to eat it.

ceremony cross at the gazebo
gazebo wedding ceremony

They didn’t invite guests who would cause problems!

This is difficult, really it is. I’m not even going to sugar coat it. If you have a friend that always gets sloppy drunk and causes a scene, it may be in your best interest to keep them off the guest list. The last thing you want is a big disruption, bartenders put under pressure or the venue having damages. I can’t tell you what to do in cases like this because it is absurdly hard to know the right answer. Maybe in your case it’s something that could be managed if bartenders know to weaken her drinks every time or you just talk to her and express your concerns. All I’m saying is that this couple took it very seriously and only invited those who would behave, no matter the family tie.

bridal party barn photo
kissing at the barn

They were realistic with their expectations!

This goes back to knowing and understanding that a perfect wedding doesn’t exist. You aim for it but are ready for some unexpected blunders. Maybe you forget your garter or the flower girl refuses to walk the aisle and just screams in protest. Believe me, these things may seem huge while they’re happening but when it’s all said and done, they are the things that set your wedding apart from others, making it memorable. It’s a slippery slope to think that perfection is attainable in any part of your life, much less your wedding.

A good example of this is my own. My husband and I saved our money and planned a trip to Universal Studios Orlando. I thought about it non-stop, really obsessing over everything we would do and see. When the vacation finally came, I was disappointed. It wasn’t fun and fabulous every second like I’d imagined. The same can happen when you plan your wedding. Guard your heart and know that a perfect wedding isn’t possible, you can just get close.

bride and groom first dance
bride and groom sparkler exit

So, in conclusion, follow these tips the best you can and watch your nearly perfect wedding day unfold. Treasure it! The hope is that you only get to do this once, right? Do it right the first time!

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