Dreaming of a Fall Wedding

hooray for the new couple at A Place in the Vineyard

Everybody has heard that women fantasize about their dream wedding even as little girls. Well it’s true! This is no myth! When closing her eyes, Taylor always dreamed of a gorgeous Fall wedding, surrounded by her family and friends, walking down the aisle to meet the love of her life. But who would that be? Only time would tell.

“Could it be this guy? Nah.” “Ooh maybe him? No again.” “Gosh he’s really cute, I wish he would like me,” she thought longingly about Johnny. “I’ll just be his friend for now.”

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Will He Ever Ask?

And friends they were all throughout high school. The year he graduated, Taylor remembered thinking to herself “Wow, he really never asked me.” That summer they still hung out here and there, still sent messages back and forth but he still hadn’t asked. It wasn’t until the school year was about to start that she finally got what she’d been wishing for… “Taylor, will you go out with me?”

YES! Maybe he will be the one from my Fall wedding dreams!

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Being only a year apart, they had spent most of high school together as close friends but when it came time for Johnny to go off to college he just couldn’t stand the thought of being without her.

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Who Fell for Whom

As months grew into years, so did the couple’s love for one another. Chatting with them about how they met and who fell for whom, they really felt like they both fell for each other equally. “He was so handsome and strong, but also kind, and he loved animals as much as I did”, Taylor said. “Well, I thought she was gorgeous and it was definitely love at first sight when I found out that she liked to fish too!” Johnny said through laughter.

fall wedding at A Place in the Vineyard
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Before they knew it, 5 years had passed. Taylor’s Fall wedding dreams were becoming more frequent and the face of her dream husband was beginning to come into focus. “It’s Johnny. Somehow I always felt it would be him.” she said, gripping his hand tightly during our meeting.

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bridesmaids at A Place in the Vineyard

A Fall Wedding Proposal

Since the two love to go fishing, it was nothing for them to take a quick trip to the mountains to fish along the streams and creeks, hike the trails and then head back home. During this trip, they were on the path to view a waterfall. When they arrived, Johnny took a few selfies of them in front of the falls, but was unhappy with how poorly you could see the backdrop. “I’ll just have someone take our picture”, he said.

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As someone walked by, Johnny fumbled his phone over to the stranger asking to take their picture. Getting into position, heart racing, he leaned over and asked for her hand. How “convenient” that someone could take pictures for them and capture this moment forever! Ecstatic, Taylor had a clear face for the man of her dreams and someone to anxiously walk down the aisle for during her Fall wedding.

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And a Fall wedding is what they had! To say that the day was gorgeous would be an understatement. It truly was everything and more than she’d ever dreamed.

Photographer: Ken Thomas Photography

Florist: The Village Blossom

Cake: The Sweet Life

Caterer: Brickhouse Grill

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