It’s a Sports Thang : Volleyball meets Basketball

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Every good love story starts with an over seas romance and sports! Sports bring everyone together! These two pro ladies met while advancing in their sports careers in Helsinki, Finland. Ashley was in the third year of her basketball career and had been thoroughly enjoying herself for the last two. If you know what I mean *wink*. So for the third year she decided to take some time for herself and just relax rather than go out on the town all the time and party. This was, of course, short lived because one of her American teammates was able to drag her out of her neatly tucked shell to go clubbing with some of the other players again. In walks destiny because this would be the night she’d find the love of her life…

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Ashley was pre-gaming with some guys before hitting the town when Stefani, an American volleyball player, walks through the doorway. “All I saw was this gorgeous, light-skinned, super athletic American with reeeeaaaallllyyyy small dreads. I didn’t even hear the other girls name that was with her. I was so fixated on Stefani that, man, I just fell for her instantly.” It was from that point on that they were pretty inseparable. They had their fair share of ups, downs, oh we are just friends moments, but through it all, they both knew they didn’t want to live without each other. It was time to move their relationship to the next level.

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Her Proposal

While in Miami Florida for a birthday weekend with friends, Ashley was secretly storing an engagement ring in her pocket all day just waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question. Ashley didn’t want an audience for something so intimate. She waited until they were retiring for the night in their hotel room. Stef had turned her back while on the phone with someone from the hotel staff. Ashley’s prime moment! She kneeled down, ring in hand. What is Stef’s first response? “No!” Not to the proposal of course, but to her kneeling. “We are equal! There is no need to kneel, but of course I’ll marry you! Oh my gosh, we are really going to do this!”

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Their Wedding Day

This non-traditional, sports-loving couple knew they wanted a rustic theme for their big day. With Fall being Ashley’s favorite time of year and the theme they wanted for the wedding, the perfect place was obviously a vineyard in September!

Click here to see what our vineyard looks like from season to season.

Originally they thought they wanted a beach wedding, but a lot of family and friends wouldn’t have been able to attend. Instead, they used a pretty coral accent color to tie in with their love of the ocean and as a constant reminder of their ever so special engagement in Miami. It blended beautifully with their primary colors of Navy and Apple. The happiness shown on their wedding day was so contagious and their smiles said it all. “I have been on the wildest ride of my life and I wouldn’t trade one minute of it for the world!”

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Photography: ByDesign Visuals – Joseph Eddins

Director: Precious Times Events

Florist: A Touch of Home Design

Caterer: Family Catering

DJ: Travis Horne

Cake: Cakes & Bakes

Video : Weddings by LDF

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