Tips for Planning a Fall Wedding

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Everyone swoons over Fall. It’s the season of sweaters, bonfires, and EVERYTHING pumpkin spice. Do you know what else it is? Wedding season. Although weddings definitely take place all year (and are beautiful!), there’s something incredibly alluring about a Fall wedding. People love the changing of the leaves. Going to college in the NC mountains, we had a huge influx of tourists around that time of year because they’d come to see the leaves change. We called them “leafers” and they all drove really slow and pointed all the time.

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That’s beside the point. The point is… EVERYONE loves Fall for one reason or other. This makes it THE most popular time to get married. Take a look at these helpful tips to assist you as you plan your dream, Fall wedding.

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Start Early!

Weddings typically need to be scheduled around 9 months to 1 year ahead of time. If you’re planning a Fall wedding, you should probably up that to 1.5 to potentially 2 years ahead of time. This is definitely necessary when choosing your venue. Once a date is booked… it’s booked. You’ll have to look for another dream venue. Although not as important as your venue, do keep in mind that other vendors will be slammed during this time too. Go ahead and reserve your caterer, photographer and DJ way ahead of time. If they’re good, they will book up quickly too during those prime months.

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Talk to the Venue about Foliage Colors

Depending on the area you’re getting married, desired foliage colors will vary from week to week. Although this is not something that can projected with total accuracy, venue owners should be able to get close to your desired look when comparing to years past. I know that for our vineyard, there is a SUPER small window to get the gorgeous, orange vines that everyone dreams of. Throughout the rest of Fall, the vineyard will still be beautiful but it will be green instead of orange. So just keep that in mind and listen to the venue’s advice when they tell you about years past.

See how our vineyard changes from season to season!

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Consider Using Season Appropriate Flowers

All flowers can be purchased year round, but that doesn’t mean that they should be. Not only will they not be at their “prime”, they also will be way more expensive than normal. When thinking about your Fall wedding color scheme, consider incorporating season appropriate colors. Dark greens, oranges, yellows, burgundys. A Fall wedding that uses Spring colors wouldn’t just look weird, it would cost more too! Do yourself a favor and stick with the colors of the season.

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Choose your Dress Carefully

Um, this should go without explaining but I’ll elaborate a bit. Don’t pick a teeny tiny dress that shows all your nooks and crannies if you’re having a Fall wedding. Weather can be much colder than you think or plan for. If you do choose a dress that can’t keep you warm, look into a shawl or fluffy shrug.

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Think about your Venue Choice!

Yes, a Fall wedding can be beautiful. I say “can be” because it also can be raining, cold and dreary. I know that completely outdoor venues are all the rage but if you’re considering a month where weather could unexpectedly turn cold, consider opting for a venue with more options. Rain is always a possibility but sudden cold spells only tend to happen in certain months… Fall months. An outdoor ceremony can still take place if it’s cold as long as guests have somewhere to get warm afterwards. Obviously it’s your wedding and you can do what you want, but do take your guests and their comfort into consideration too.

A Fall wedding is totally magical. I mean how can you not want one after looking at all these amazing pictures? Just do me a favor and use some of my advice, ok? Okay good. Thanks. 🙂

Photography: Rivkah Fine Art

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