Bridal Show at Dennis Vineyards – March 15, 2020

If you’re engaged and planning a wedding there’s NO BETTER place to start than with a bridal show! I mean, of course I’m partial to ours! But really, hear me out. Ours is different (and much better) than those HUGE shows you see in hotels and convention centers. How? Let me tell you.

Join us! Sunday, March 15th from 1-4pm

bridal show overview

Our Bridal Show is like a Boutique

Planning a wedding is already a little overwhelming for most brides. Now let’s imagine that you’re totally unsure of what you want and you walk into one of those HUGE bridal shows that has 200+ vendors. Talk about lost and confused. Believe me, too many options is not a good thing!

I’m incredibly indecisive as it is. Heaven help us if we’re at a restaurant with a 4 page menu. Someone has to step in and order for me. It’s an overload of options! The same happens at these huge bridal shows. At the Dennis Vineyards bridal show we hand pick every vendor in attendance and you will meet with about 40 awesome vendors… not 200.

genesis photography at bridal show

Our Bridal Show is Hand Picked

I mentioned this earlier. This is so important because we don’t let just anybody into our show. This means that of our 40+ vendors, you’re not going to find a bunch of unwanted stuff like Gutter Guard, Bath Fitter and timeshares. You’re going to find awesome wedding pros like photographers, DJ’s, florists, bakeries and planners. None of that extra garbage.

shutter hutch at bridal show

Our Bridal Show is Personal

When you are walking through those giant shows, every single booth will cat call you in some way to get you over. “Want to spin our giveaway wheel?” “Do you have a photographer yet?” “What’s your wedding date?” This gets really annoying really fast. It’s no wonder y’all put on blinders and run through these shows like you’re being attacked. YOU ARE!

With our show only having 40+ vendors, this means they aren’t competing with 30 other photographers for your interest. You can easily browse through every vendor and talk to those you are interested in. It’s a no-pressure bridal show.

showing off the venue

Our Bridal Show offers some Great Specials

These wedding pros are here to meet YOU and prove that they are the perfect match for your big day! If they line up with your style, budget and personality, book them day of if you can! Most of the vendors will be offering up some amazing day-of specials! This can range from freebies to discounts. Anything is helpful when planning a wedding! Savings are savings, y’all!

Curious who typically pays what? Check out this helpful list!

eating bridal show food

Our Bridal Show is Free

Yes, you heard me. Free means free. Free parking and free admission for EVERYONE in your party. I’m sorry but spending $40 or more per person just to attend a bridal show is ridiculous. What does that get you? A lot of information you could have found online and a swag bag that says “Bride”? No thanks. I’ll take free any time I can. And did I mention the food? These caterers will definitely IMPRESS!

giveaway winners

Our Bridal Show has Smart Prizes

The huge bridal shows draw names for their winners and don’t think twice about what they are giving to you girls. A bride of ours last year won a free DJ package but she’d already booked her DJ and paid in full so she couldn’t use it. That stinks! When you register with us, you will check off on what vendors you NEED. If you win, we will assign you to a vendor that will help you out, not be a waste.

Want to join us for the bridal show? I can’t blame you, it’s awesome! Sunday, March 15th from 1-4pm

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