Tying the Knot – Love and Adidas

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What in the world kind of title is that? It’s the kind where tying the knot not only refers to getting married but it also plays a big part in how they came to be married! Still confused? That’s totally ok. Just keep reading. 😛

Brandi and Alfred are simply adorable. Fun loving, high energy and full of life. This high energy could really be used in a lot of ways. Sports could be a good outlet, some turn to excessive partying. No, these two turned to a life of volunteering and that’s actually how they met.

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wedding cake

Brandi says that what first attracted her was that he had a giving heart and was always acting selflessly. They were both active within their church and met while the two were volunteering in the kids ministry. A giving heart and a lover of children? Yes, please!

The two started dating and really hit it off beautifully. Time passed and it was time for Brandi to graduate college. This is already a huge celebration. What could make it better? How about an engagement?

vineyard wedding
wedding at trees

A Pair of Adidas

During the graduation party, Alfred presented her with a pair of white Adidas sneakers and a sign that said “Will you marry me? Just say yes!”

Now! Now do you see the link? Tying the knot… love… shoes…

Well, she said yes! They chose to have their wedding on May 24th because they wanted it to be hot but not too hot. The threat of rain decreases a little by the end of May as well, so that was a contributing factor too. It doesn’t hurt that by this time, our grapevines are in full bloom and are awesome for photos!

vineyard wedding photo
funny wedding picture

Tying the Knot

With a wedding at the vineyard, it only makes sense to bring in some traditional wine colors. Everyone rushes to burgundy… and that’s totally okay because it looks amazing in our venue. The rustic look and feel of our space compliments shades of red really well. Paired with navy and gray, this color scheme really is one of my favorites.

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Although not the most popular wedding tradition, I love it when the bride and groom exchange gifts or notes prior to the ceremony. It allows for some really cute pictures with the photographer as they open up their gifts apart from each other. One guess what type of gift Brandi got… yep… a pair of Adidas.

grooms gift

Truly I do not know the significance of the shoes but their repetition during the engagement and the wedding is just far too cute not to mention. Tying the knot has multiple meanings for these two.

Their wedding day went off without a hitch… well… other than the gettin’ hitched part of course! They did do that hitch!

bride and groom trees
wedding shoe game

Now I want you to look at these flowers… gorgeous aren’t they? Yes! They are! You know what they also are? Artificial. THIS is how you do an artificial bouquet. Not only is it beautiful, it can last forever and be a constant reminder of the day they tied the knot.

DIY bridal bouquet

After tying the knot, these two took a leisurely trip to Charleston, South Carolina for a relaxing and rejuvenating honeymoon.

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Photographer: Matt Huffman Photography

DJ: DJ Dean

Cake: Cake Me Away

Florist: DIY – Michaels

Caterer: Maggianos Little Italy

Videographer: Christy Copley

Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal

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