On the Move: Carolina to Cali and Back Again

This is the story of Hannah and Drew. For many, when you’re on the move from place to place too quickly or too abruptly, it can mean the end of the relationship. For these two travelers, it meant quite the opposite.

Although both grew up in Huntersville, North Carolina neither could recall if they met when they were younger. Surely in passing they had met in high school (since they did attend the same one!!) or at the lake where they spent their summers. But maybe not. When these two locked eyes for the first time and exchanged nervous smiles at a bar in downtown NoDa (North Davidson), the ground shook where they stood. One would remember an encounter like that no matter when it happened.

How They Met

It was an ordinary December Saturday night where Drew and his roommate had gone out for drinks at a local NoDa bar called Solstice. As the night was coming to an end, his roommate was ready to get on the move but Drew insisted to stay for one last drink. Those last 20 minutes at the bar were amazingly crucial for Drew’s future… he bumped into Hannah. A conversation was started, those ground shaking smiles were exchanged… oh… and a phone number was exchanged too. Hannah blurted as she left “you better call me!”. Two days later they were on their first date.

In no time at all their newly established relationship was being uprooted and pushed to California. Fear, excitement and doubt swirled around the situation but Hannah and Drew both knew that as long as they stuck together, everything would be okay. So, just six months after starting to date, they were on the move… completely across the country.

Months rolled into years and before they knew it a whopping 5 years had passed in California. This is where I come in.

Planning a Wedding

Sitting at work on a beautiful June day and I get a call that comes through my phone as Sacramento, CA. “Oh this will be junk,” I thought. A polite man was on the other end of the line asking for information about our wedding venue. Without hesitation I asserted “wait, wait, why would you want to get married at our vineyard when you LIVE in wine country?” Must be spam, I thought.

As the gentleman opened up to me I realized that he and his fiance were both from North Carolina but had moved to California for work 5 years prior. Their time in Cali was coming to an end as they were finally moving back to the Carolina’s. “Gosh I’ve missed Southern hospitality,” he said to me after our long winded conversation. Without even seeing the venue, Hannah and Drew signed the contract and were to be married in a year! It was a match made in heaven!

The Wedding Day

All the bridesmaids were in beautiful, flowing dusty rose gowns and the groomsmen wore black tuxedos with matching rose colored neck ties. The soft and romantic color scheme fit perfectly with the feel of our venue. “What’s more romantic than a glass of rose wine with the love of your life?”

Hannah walked down the aisle in a fitted, sweetheart neckline gown by Essense of Australia. The sweet adoration and love on Drew’s face as she walked toward him was completely priceless. He knew that no matter whether they were planted in the Carolinas, California or on the move somewhere new, he’d have his beautiful bride, the love of his life, beside him. And that, my friends, is what love looks like.

What gown would look best on you?

Photographer: Jacqueline Jones Photography

DJ: Carolina DJ Professionals

Cake: Anthony’s Sweet Cakes

Florist: Robin’s Main Street Florist

Caterer: Plate Perfect Catering

Gown Designer: Essense of Australia

Tux Designer: The Black Tux

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