A Chance Encounter and the Love that Followed

A Girlfriend’s Trip Turned Love Story

Eagerly hopping into the car to make the drive to Flagstaff, Arizona to see her best friend, little did Heather know that she would have a chance encounter that would change her life forever. Oh don’t think too deep, it’s exactly what it sounds like… she met the love of her life while there!

Once she arrived at her friend’s apartment, bursting through the door, she was greeted ecstatically by her friend who had no idea she was coming! As they jumped around the room together in excitement, her friend’s roommate peeped out of his bedroom to see what all the commotion was. Boy was he cute! “Hello” she said through laughter, “sorry for all the noise! I’m Heather.” “Funny, my name’s Heath,” he replied.

The rest of the trip with her friend was spent laughing, catching up, discussing future plans… and oogling that roommate of hers. Heather and Heath talked a decent bit during her stay and they both hit it off. “He is so cute AND he likes cats?” she thought. “this really is a chance encounter”! They connected just enough during her short stay that they agreed to keep in touch once she left.

As you can guess, the rest is history now!

The Engagement

Fast forward 5 years from that time and Heather has moved to Charlotte. She’d been living alone for 6 months while Heath prepared to move there with her. Wanting to help her find a house that they could live in together, he planned a week long trip to Charlotte to help her look. The night he arrived, they were walking through South End (Charlotte) and this burning question just wouldn’t leave his mind. Right in front of the bottle shop they were about to enter, he dropped to one knee and asked for her hand.

“I felt silly that I asked her right then and there but I just couldn’t hold it in anymore!” he said.

Let’s fast forward again a couple more years and here they are at our wedding venue saying their vows in front of God, family and friends. They chose to have their wedding in the beautiful month of May. Everything has turned green already but it’s not so hot outside that your guests and wedding party are miserable. It was a lovely wedding where everyone rejoiced in their union and knew they were meant to be together.

When you find someone that you really connect with (and no their name doesn’t have to match yours!), kindle it, cultivate it and see what happens. Although many dates are now set up on dating sites or phone apps, when you have a chance encounter like this and make a real connection, IT’S SPECIAL! Don’t let it go too quickly without giving it a nudge. Who knows? They may nudge back and be exactly what you’ve always been looking for.

Photographer: DiPietro Photography

DJ: Crackerjack Mobile Sound Decisions

Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Flowers: A Place for Flowers

Caterer: Sauceman’s BBQ

Gown Designer: Justin Alexander

Makeup Artist: Beauty Marks

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