August Wedding – Perfect as Can Be

A Beautiful August Wedding

Most couples have a month or season that is especially important to them. Maybe it’s when they first met, or the times when they had the most fun, or when he said “I love you”. For Bethany and Vincent, this special month is August and it eventually turned into a gorgeous August wedding.

The month is June. Bethany had just moved to Charlotte and didn’t really know anyone other than her long time friend, Emily. She knew she needed to get out and explore but was a little timid and unsure where to start. This was a good time to start fresh though, because Summer was starting. Summer brings parties, trips to the beach, long nights. She still couldn’t help but be a little nervous about starting over in a new place and having to make all new friends.

The First Encounter

As any good friend would, Emily decided to have a house party to chill Bethany’s nerves and help her become more social in this new area. As Bethany is walking toward the house to go to the party some weird, cute guy hollers from a passing car and says “Hey! Do you know if we can park here?”. Why would I know, she thought? I’m new here. “I don’t know. I just parked over there.” she replied, shrugged and went on into the party.

A few minutes passed and there was a knock at the door. Since she was standing closest to it, she decided to open it up. “Long time no see!” Oh my gosh it was the same cute guy.

The rest of the party was spent getting to know each other. He was so handsome and easy going. She was beautiful and had great energy. Their opposite personalities really brought them together. They were complimenting each other in ways they simply hadn’t in other relationships.

Will this become anything? Was he just being friendly to me since I’m the new girl?

Will You be my Girlfriend?

A couple months passed and on August 8th, she knew that the connection they shared was really something, not just some chance encounter that would fizzle out over time. That August day became very important to them both as it was the date that he asked her to be his girlfriend. Squee!!!

These two literally are the type that when you meet them, you literally can’t imagine them apart. They are THAT perfect together. After dating for 3 years, Vincent knew he had found his diamond and wanted to present her with one. He planned a romantic trip to Childress Vineyards where he knew he could pop the question.

Take My Hand Forever

It was a morning outing and the two of them were standing at a little bridge that crossed over a babbling creek. He talked calmly about how they had been together for a while now and everything was just as he’d always hoped. They were at a crossroad – do they cross the bridge or not? Dropping to one knee, reciting her full name, Vincent asked Bethany to be his wife. Squeals of excitement were heard all over the vineyard property!

As they walked back to the bistro, the staff had prepared a lovely brunch with champagne and written a sweet congratulatory note. They were both floating on cloud 9. What an amazing day with so many more amazing days on the way.

Without even discussing the topic they both knew that they wanted an August wedding because of the ties it had to their dating, birthdays and other special life events. It also didn’t hurt that it’s one of the prettiest times in a vineyard!

Take a look at the vineyard during different seasons!

So… Bethany and Vincent had an August wedding at A Place in the Vineyard. Everything went off without a hitch. Everyone was beaming from ear to ear with excitement for these two. I mean, who couldn’t be? Do you see them?

Florist: Flowers by Stacy

Caterer: Family Catering

DJ: Lambert DJ

Cake: Icing on the Edge

Photographer: Michael A Anderson

Photo Booth: Shutter Hutch

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