Bohemian Wedding under the Trees

Bohemian Wedding Style

There are so many styles of weddings and although they are all beautiful and wonderful in their own ways, I have a super soft spot for a simple, elegant bohemian wedding. Allison and Kyle had just that wedding.

Typically when people book their wedding with us, we know pretty quickly what type of wedding they are going to have. They don’t even have to tell us! Yea yea we’re doing some profiling but it’s so easy! Here are your scenarios.

She’s wearing a flannel top and cowgirl boots… oh yea… we’re gonna have a country wedding with lots of burlap.

She’s toting around a super cute and girly Kate Spade purse… probably going to be a modern, sleek wedding.

Both parties are wearing comic T’s and they joke back and forth about Dr. Who humor… oh please let it be themed!

She’s pretty in pastels and is wearing a dainty collection from The Loft… classic all the way.

So you see, it’s not too hard to see what’s coming down the pipe!

When Allison and Kyle booked our vineyard wedding venue we felt pretty sure that it would be a more natural, bohemian wedding. Their style did not fit in with any of the above mentioned categories and they seemed to walk to the beat of their own drum. Awesome! Bring on the beautiful bohemian wedding!

The Wedding Day

To help tie their bohemian wedding together, they chose to have the wedding ceremony under our pecan trees. The natural elegance of the trees was a perfect fit for their style. Ornate rugs lined the center aisle to create a fun and funky boho runner. Delicate flower petals were scattered on top to add to the effect.

As Allison walked down the aisle, beaming with happiness, her loose fitted bohemian wedding gown swayed in the breeze. The color was perfect with her skin tone – not too white, more of a candlelight color. Unlike most wedding dresses, this thing looked super comfortable!

To accompany the gown, she had a gorgeous floral bouquet and headpiece. The flowing, natural structure of the bouquet was just perfect with her gown and the boho style. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her headpiece! The combination of flowers and delicately woven metal were amazing.

September is the perfect month for an outdoor wedding because it’s starting to cool off a little yet trees and vines are still in full bloom. The tree ceremony site is ideal as well because it provides much appreciated shade for you and your guests. These towering pecan trees are always a great choice for anyone looking for a rustic or natural backdrop.

This sweet couple had such a gorgeous wedding day and we couldn’t be happier to have been such a vital part of their big day! Having great vendors is vital for a smooth, fun wedding day. Check out their other great wedding vendors as well!

Director: Mena’s Memorable Moments

Caterer: Union Street Bistro

Photographer: Nix Photography

Venue: A Place in the Vineyard

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