The Class of a Lifetime

College Love

If you’ve been to college, you know what it’s like to have classes on Friday. It’s such a DRAG! Long weekends are almost always guaranteed with the way classes are set up on Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday. So imagine getting your schedule and seeing a 3 hour class on a Friday afternoons… even if it is only once a month. Those 3 hours in the classroom will feel like a lifetime.

Now imagine that this class is filled with over 1,000 students. Holy cow. Talk about miserable.

The Class That Started It All

The class was called “Transforming Healthcare” and it brought together students from medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health and speech pathology related majors. Our lovely groom, Nick, was in his first year of medical school when he was enrolled into this seemingly awful class. Our cute bride, Jenine, was a speech pathology graduate student and just happened to be enrolled in the same crummy, one credit hour, non-GPA contributing class.

Where is all this headed you might ask? Well of course these two are going to bump into each other, fall in love and share a lifetime of love and laughter together. Let me get there! It’s too cute to skip over any of it.

The first class commenced and the entire group of 1,000+ was split into groups of 5 students each. You got it. Nick and Jenine were in the same group. Nick couldn’t take his eyes off of her! “I’m pretty sure odds would say it wasn’t even likely to have an attractive girl in my group of five, not to mention the girl who would be my future wife!”

The Pursuit

After the class wrapped up, Nick couldn’t just let her leave (especially without a phone number!) so he walked with her to the parking lot and they made some casual conversation. He mentioned a hangout where he and some friends go for drinks… hoping she would pick up on it as a clue to join in sometime. Over her head. They agreed that they’d see each other next month and she drove away. “Better luck next time”, he hoped.

The month passed and it seemed like a lifetime that he couldn’t be in contact with her. During this next class each group was assigned a group project. “Normally I would groan with disinterest in a group project but I just thought ‘Awesome! This is my chance to get her number!'” As the class concluded everyone exchanged numbers but Nick was only interested in hers. He didn’t even grab the other team members numbers. Acquiring Jenine’s number (no matter how!) was his only concern.

From there, you can say that they hit it off magically. They had so many similarities that it kind of scared them in the beginning but as they realized their values and morals aligned as well, they figured it was definitely worth pursuing. They truly bring out the best of each other and it’s evident even from across the room.

Wedding Day!

These two love birds tied the knot of a lifetime on October 26, 2019.

Everything about their wedding day was classic and beautiful. Little white pattypan pumpkins were scattered here and there for a cute tie in to the Fall weather. Three tiered floating candle centerpieces with delicate florals adorned each dining table. Linens of white and ivory kept everything clean and classy in the reception hall.

After their gorgeous wedding they took a few days to relax and unwind at a lake house just minutes away from the wedding venue. The real vacation is coming in February as they make the trek to Jamaica to enjoy a week of relaxation, food and drinks at Couple’s Tower Isle. They will have a blast! I know first hand that Jamaica is great because I honeymooned at Couple’s Swept Away!

Congrats you two! I know you’re in for a lifetime of happiness, love, laughter and support.


Photographer: Rebecca Hicks Photography

DJ: Lambert’s DJ

Cake: Pope Plantation Cakes

Florist: Not Your Granny’s Florist

Caterer: Family Catering

Planner: Precious Times Events

Videographer: Homer Studios

Hair & Makeup: Pink Warrior Makeup Artistry

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