Winter Wedding Dreams

Winter Wedding of Jonathan and Lexie

Prime wedding season is always Spring and Fall. I just don’t see that ever changing. Summer is too hot for most people and you guessed it, Winter is just too cold (and the weather can be unpredictable too). For Jonathan and Lexie, a winter wedding was exactly their style. What could be better than snuggling up with your significant other during cold, frigid weather? They simply couldn’t think of anything… so a beautiful winter wedding is exactly what they planned… and had!

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Their winter wedding had a beautiful theme and color scheme. When planning a winter wedding you do sometimes have to be careful that you don’t turn into something that just looks like an overdone Christmas party. To avoid this all together, they kept a close eye on their theme which was “winter forest”. This put special attention on greenery, evergreens to be exact. Her accent color was burgundy so this allowed the incorporation of cranberries and other seasonal blooms.

This theme was pulled into the cake design and the floral bouquets. It also showed up in the beautiful burgundy bridesmaids gowns and their adorable pre-ceremony flannel plaid shirts. This really was a gorgeous day with well placed winter wedding touches throughout the decor, floral choices and attire.

The Back Story

Now we all know that every wedding has a back story. The back story is what makes each and every wedding so remarkably special. No two stories are alike. Many couples meet online now – which is totally fine – but I still think it is so cool when people are placed together at a specific time and place so they bump into each other. You can’t tell me that’s not fate! With all the people in the world, heck, in one city, it’s a wonder you ever meet “the one”… but it does still happen and I just love hearing about it!!

Jonathan and Lexie met while sitting at a community style table at one of the local breweries. After striking up a conversation and really enjoying their time together, Jonathan dug up the courage to ask for her phone number so they could “keep in touch”. A whole year passed by and their contact was steady but never wound up with a date until one fated day… or shall I say night.

Closing his eyes after a long day, Jonathan drifted off into dream land and found himself in a very immersive and realistic dream where he and Lexie were married. He woke up, startled but so, so happy. As the day went on, he finally mustered the courage to call and tell her about the dream and FINALLY ask her out on a date.

After dating for a year and a half, these two love birds finally tied the knot and sealed his prophetic dream where they lived happily ever after as husband and wife.


Venue: A Place in the Vineyard

Photographer: Michael A Anderson Photography

DJ: DJ Dean

Caterer: Roma Pizzeria

Bridal Dress Shop: Hope’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dress Designer: David’s Bridal

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