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APIV1“Who wouldn't want to get married at a vineyard?” We tossed the idea around toying with the thought of it year after year; wondering, inquiring, hoping people would in fact really want to get married at a vineyard. Every day we would leave work gazing longingly at the empty hillside thinking 'boy, wouldn't it be pretty' until finally we broke. Let's just do it. We will do everything we can to make it beautiful and alluring and surely the people will come.


APIV2Plans were drawn, hands were hired and ground was broken in March 2005. The building was going up pretty quickly. Customers came in every day asking what we were building across the street and a nice little buzz began to generate. All we had to show off this grand idea was a little homemade “artist rendering” and some pretty words. Anticipation for a local wedding venue was building. Then the really crazy thing happened... it booked. It booked before it was even finished. Talk about putting a fire under our feet! What in essence could have been a leisurely project, just got a serious deadline.


APIV3Knowing exactly how they wanted everything to look, the owners (Sandon & Amy Dennis), knew they wanted to do all of the finishing work themselves. They knew this had the potential to save money and that in doing the work for themselves, they would have the ultimate hand in quality control. The walls were textured and painted by hand, all the boards for the tongue and groove ceiling were stained by hand, the wood floor that extends the length of the 3,150 square foot ballroom was all laid by hand (are you seeing the trend?). This facility really became a labor of love for ALL of the Dennis family; even friends and extended family. We had a deadline to meet but could not and would not sacrifice a bit of quality or any of our initial design ideas. No questions asked.


APIV4Then one day; just an ordinary day... it was finished. At least the building was finished. There was no landscaping, no pond, certainly no gazebo or winding concrete walkway, but there was a building and 'boy was it pretty'. To christen our new venture, we hosted a New Years Eve party and the place was packed – probably more than it should have been. The consensus? People loved it. “It's so great to have something like this available in Stanly County” And so one week later we had our first wedding reception and ultimately the rest is history. It is hard to believe that only a mere 9 years ago we were opening the building with wedding and reception number one and now we have hosted over 300 weddings. We look forward to each new year and all the happiness these joyous occasions bring.








Dennis Vineyards


Dennis Vineyards


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