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The Property


The Gazebo:

Nestled amidst acres of lush, mature vineyards, our classically designed, white and hunter green gazebo is the perfect peaceful and tranquil setting for your wedding ceremony. Located just at the bottom of a gently rolling hill and at the water’s edge, the trickle of the glowing water fountain and the swaying of River Birch and Weeping Willows create a sense of serenity for not only you and your husband to be, but for your guests as well. Accommodating seating for up to 200 guests with white wooden chairs, the gently sloping hill ensure that everyone will have a magnificent view.


Outfitted with twin ceiling fans, even the warmest of summer days can not hinder or delay your wedding day! Everyone enjoys a little music during the ceremony, whether performed live or coordinated by your music director, there are ample power outlets on the side of the gazebo for any kind of speaker you may need. As the evening progresses and the sun begins to set, the majestic glow of the water fountain and the ambient lighting in the gazebo make for really dramatic photo opportunities. As our founding ceremony location, the gazebo is tried and true and has created many fond memories for many happy couples… another could be you.




The Pecan Trees:

Opened within the past couple years as demand has pointed toward a more rustic and natural setting, these three fully mature, towering pecan trees make a charmingly country backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Located on the outer edge of our property in a vast open field, these old pecan trees appear to be strategically placed right between a large peaceful pond and rows and rows of bountiful grapevines. Sometimes Mother Nature really knows how to make us stop and stand back in awe of her splendor.


Decorated with Chinese paper lanterns, mason jars with candles, string lights or simply nothing at all; these pecan trees can take on a lot of different styles and showcase them all beautifully! Designed by Mother Nature, there are no ceiling fans but there is plenty of shade cast off these trees, providing a cool and comfortable viewing experience for all of your guests. As your evening ceremony progresses, the sun begins to set and the trees and grapevines take on a warm golden hue, creating remarkably radiant photos when you are deemed Mr. & Mrs.




The Ballroom:

After the ceremony, you and your guests will be welcomed into our magnificent ballroom. With its richly textured walls, exposed wooden beams and imposing Venetian gold glass and iron chandeliers, the feel is warmly reminiscent of a rustic Italian Villa. Natural wood floors span the entire ballroom making the eye travel all the way through the room, up the walls and to the astounding chandeliers and tongue-and-groove ceiling. With its warm color palate and cozy, country feel, it’s the perfect place to celebrate and congratulate the newlyweds!


Accommodating up to 200 guests for a seated reception, this 3,150 square foot ballroom has ample space for everyone on your list. Along with the dining tables, there is also room for a dance floor, buffet tables, cake table, and bar. As the evening progresses and people really get into the dancing spirit, all six chandeliers are on separate dimmers so we can dim the dance floor for your DJ’s impressive light show but keep the dining area lit so the ones seated are not in darkness. All nights must come to an end (even the fun ones!), but the end isn’t so bad when it’s concluded with an exciting send-off! Lined across the large covered patio, rain or shine, you are guaranteed to have a beautiful send-off with family and friends waving you a fond farewell filled with all the best wishes in the world.



The Covered Patio:

For your guests to further enjoy the beautiful scenery and the pleasant weather, our 2,000 square foot covered patio is the ideal location for your cocktail hour after the ceremony. While you and your now husband are gallivanting around the pristinely landscaped property having photos made, your guests have the ability to mingle and have drinks and appetizers until you are ready for your grand entrance as the brand new Mr. & Mrs.


Now I know no one wants to think about rain. Weddings are beautiful, sunny, clear sky days; but when they are not, it is not only convenient but essential to have a Plan B. The patio has the ability to seat all of your guests and your ceremony is still outdoors, yet everyone remains nice and dry. Rain can’t dampen the mood when love is in the air!



The Vineyards & Barns

Settled between acres of verdant, mature muscadine vineyards, the photo opportunities in and around the property are virtually unlimited. As the trees change with the passing seasons, the grapevines always follow suit. Spring and summer, the vines are very full with beautiful bright green leaves. Autumn, the vines are in full bloom, rich with juicy muscadine grapes. As the season continues, deep orange leaves replace the green and make for an absolutely astounding backdrop for photos. 


Building on land that was used as farmland for many decades, structures from that time still remain and make great photo opportunities for those who like the country look. Barns, silos, old wooden fences, and vast, open fields are dotted along the back of our property. Sporting cowboy boots with your wedding dress or not, you and your guests will love the rural feel that encompasses our grounds.









Dennis Vineyards


Dennis Vineyards


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